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Analysis of Robotic Process Automation in SNAP: Three Case Studies

​This study examines the use of robotic process automation technologies by three state agencies—Georgia, New Mexico, and Connecticut—to administer SNAP.

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Actualizacion del Estudio de Viabilidad para la lmplementacion del SNAP en Puerto Rico

Este informe de viabilidad presenta los resultados de un estudio del Servicio de Alimentos y Nutrición (FNS, por sus siglas en inglés) del Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos (USDA, por sus siglas en inglés) para evaluar los cambios administrativos, operativos y de integridad programática necesarios para operar el Programa de Asistencia Nutricional Suplementaria (SNAP, por sus siglas en inglés) en Puerto Rico.

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Summer Food Service Program Integrity Study

The Summer Food Service Program Integrity Study was designed to improve understanding of how state agencies provide oversight of the SFSP. To address the research objectives, the study examined such areas as sponsor and site selection, training and technical assistance, meal counting and claiming, and reviews. The findings, based on data collected in 2021, also offered some preliminary responses about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on SFSP operations.

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Reaching Those in Need: Estimates of State SNAP Participation Rates in 2020

​This report—part of an annual series—presents estimates of the percentage of eligible persons, by state, who participated in USDA's SNAP during an average month in fiscal year 2020 and in the two previous fiscal years. Because the Coronavirus COVID-19 public health emergency affected data collection starting in March 2020, this summary covers only the pre-pandemic period of October 2019 through February 2020. Thus, this report presents rates only for all eligible persons during the pre-pandemic months of FY 2020.

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USDA Food Plans

USDA produces four food plans outlining practical, nutritious diets at successively higher cost levels: the Thrifty, Low-Cost, Moderate-Cost, and Liberal Food Plans. The Thrifty Food Plan serves as the basis for maximum allotments in SNAP.

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FY 2022 USDA Nutrition Education Coordination

This report offers a description of nutrition education within the United States Department of Agriculture and a summary of coordinated nutrition education activities completed from October 2021 through September 2022. Activities include nutrition education defined by statute, policies that encourages nutrition education or promotion, and USDA priorities.