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Food Safety COVID-19 Resources

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Food Safety COVID-19 Resources for Child Nutrition Professionals FNS’s Office of Food Safety works collaboratively with the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) to create and publish resources for child nutrition professionals. The ICN’s Prevent resources page is regularly updated with eLearning courses, useful links, COVID-19 news, and resources including the Food Safety COVID-19 Tip Card Series, Food Safety During Alternate Meal Services fact sheet, and Keeping School Meals Safe at Home infographic, Many resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Team Nutrition COVID-19 Resources discuss the flexibilities and child nutrition program adjustments, including food safety practices, to ease meal service operations and protect the health of children and program operators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC's Food and COVID-19 Resources
The CDC updates their COVID-19 guidance regularly. The CDC has also provided information and resources for safely distributing school meals during COVID-19.

USDA's Food Safety and COVID-19 Q&A
The USDA has responded to questions regarding food safety and COVID-19. There are general questions and answers, as well as questions directed at specific occupational groups, such as meat processing plant employees. Additionally, there is information relating to FSIS’s recommendations for inspectors.

FDA's Food Products and COVID-19 Q&A
The FDA has provided questions and answers regarding food products, including information about shortages, supply chain safety, risk of COVID-19 transmission through food and food packaging, and the safety of the US food supply chain.

Updated: 08/15/2022