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USDA Foods in Schools Further Processing Fact Sheet

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 What is USDA Foods further processing?

USDA Foods further processing allows state distributing agencies (SDA) and recipient agencies (RA) such as school districts to contract with commercial food processors to convert raw and/or bulk USDA Foods into a variety of convenient, ready-to-use end products. USDA began further processing in 1958 to provide ordering options that maximize the use of USDA Foods. Most of the USDA Foods processed through the program go to schools participating in the National School Lunch and other child nutrition programs. SDAs, RAs, and food processing companies collaborate  to  ensure that processed products complement commercial  purchases. The processing of USDA Foods provides industry the opportunity to market its finished products while recipient agencies have the opportunity to receive a wider variety of end products that meet individual district needs and local flavor preferences.

Updated: 03/18/2018